English-Italian Translations

My name is Antonio 'Tony' Marinelli and I live in Civitanova Marche, on the Adriatic coast of central Italy.
Shortly after I was born, my family emigrated to Toronto, Canada. Although my native language is Italian, the first language I actually learned was English (my parents spoke an Italian dialect at home).

When I was in my early teens we moved back to Civitanova, where of course we spoke Italian at school. After some time, I realized that my thought processes were taking place in both English and Italian. This led me to become interested in bilingualism, and I began to read whatever I could find on the subject. Based on my personal experience I formed the idea that knowing a different language (and the relative culture) can affect the way one looks at things, and even one's outlook on life. This may seem obvious but it was a fascinating discovery for me at the time. I later found out that this is known as the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, or linguistic relativity, and is a matter of debate among linguists.

After finishing the liceo scientifico, a five-year secondary school that includes the study of Latin, I went on to obtain a university degree in geology. I would have liked to work in research, but serious opportunities were rare in Italy. In need of employment, I took a job with a forwarding company. There I gained an understanding of business and trade practices that would prove useful for my translation work later on.

In 1989 I had the opportunity to make use of my degree and joined a construction company that was building a dam in Ethiopia. I stayed with the company for three years, working in Turkey and Mozambique.

After that I returned to Civitanova, where I worked as a consultant geologist for several years. During that period I was involved in editorial work on two publications: an art show catalog and a book on the remediation of polluted soils (details in experience). I also translated into English one of the canti of the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi (translation here).

During all that time I continued to study translation out of personal interest and to do translations for local agencies. Finally, in 1999 I decided to make it my main activity, and since then doing translations has been my full-time occupation.


My first computers were Apple machines, but after taking up translation I switched to Windows.

Having trained myself in basic HTML, I magaed to design my own website the one you're reading.

Few professional translators can do without a computer-assisted translation tool (CAT); the one I use is Wordfast. Among my other resources is a Filemaker database that I originally created as a glossary for a small project, but which has grown into a respectable English<–>Italian dictionary, currently containing more than 75,000 records. Each record refers to an English or Italian headword and shows the relative translations taken from various sources, plus example sentences and special usage forms, all bilingual. I also make glossaries for specific subjects and/or customers.


Here is a list of some of the dictionaries I use.



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... plus dictionaries in other European and non-European languages, for example:

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These are some of the books I have that deal with language, linguistics and/or translation, in no particular order.

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