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English-Italian Translations


I am a professional translator based in Italy.

I translate from English to Italian and from Italian to English. I work for business companies, translation agencies and private individuals.

For more information, please use the buttons on the left. Click on experience to see a list of the fields I have worked in.

Click on Giacomo Leopardi to see my English version of the poem "A Silvia" (To Silvia) by the 19th-century Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi.

For any request feel free to send me a message using the email address on the contact page.









Translations, Italian, English, TranslationTranslations, Italian, English, Translation, Translator, Translators, Antonio, Marinelli, Freelance, To Silvia, Civitanova, Marche Region, Macerata, Giacomo, Leopardi, translations services, Italian translation, English translation, to translate, Italy

  Last modified: 4 April 2021  
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